What is mentoring and why would I want that?

Mentoring is when someone who has special experience or knowledge in a certain area offers to share that knowledge, experience, or skills for the purpose of providing support and growth.  Mentoring happens in many ways and can be formal or informal.  At every stage if life, people find that a mentoring relationship is enjoyable and valuable.  Mentoring is not professional or licensed counseling and should never be regarded as such. Mentoring is typically peer to peer.

Mentoring can be especially helpful when you are experiencing an unforeseen life event, such as a pregnancy. It is important to know someone will be there to listening and supporting you. At (insert name) we are here to help you feel safe with compassionate acceptance, dignity, truthfulness, and hopeful encouragement in the mentor mentee relationship.

Here are some key benefits a mentoring relationship can provide:

  • Guidance
  • Support
  • Help Navigating Change
  • Information
  • Education
  • Connection to Resource
  • Access to material or financial assistance
  • And more….

Depending on the time of your life, there are many wonderful organizations that can provide mentoring support.  

Our (insert name of center) specializes in mentoring and support walking persons through the journey of an unexpected pregnancy.  Our mentors will listen and be here for you as you choose parenting, adoption or abortion. Our services even extend beyond the decision.  From material resources, parenting classes, and post abortion support, we are focused on the whole woman.  We provide emotional support, honest answers, and practical guidance.

Our Mentors Can Provide the Following

Support in navigating parenting, health problems, high risk situations and more. 

Listen to your concerns, emotions, and situations, and offer advice or referrals for financial or educational resources such as classes, workshops, and online resources

Provide emotional support navigating changes in life and in your body pre, during, and post pregnancy or abortion.

Education and information about pregnancy, reproductive health, good parenting, social skills, and all options that are available to you. 

Support you and listen as you go through decision making processes

Help you find and build a larger support system by connecting you to additional community resources, support groups, and other individuals who have experienced similar situations. 

Encourage healthy relationships in your life as you reach out to the family and friends you trust. 

Provide guidance on prenatal care, developing parenting skills, accessing parenting classes, and preparing for the challenges and joys of raising a child. Whether you’re planning to co-parent or are facing single parenting, a mentor will provide support to be more confident and prepared for all that parenthood will bring.

Direct you to financial and material assistance on our website. 

Follow up and continuous support with permission will regularly check in with you.

What to look for in a mentor?

Support and unconditional acceptance is foundational for the mentoring relationship to be impactful. Additionally, privacy and respect for individual choices should be a priority. Encouraging open communication and offering ongoing support can make a significant positive impact on the mentoring relationship, especially for someone facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Remember, you are not alone on this path of your unexpected journey! If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, we are here for you.