So you’re seven weeks pregnant…

The hormones are still increasing, so early pregnancy symptoms may be increasing in severity, you may be developing new symptoms, or maybe you still feel pretty okay. (Remember: Not everyone will have many symptoms or will feel poorly!)

And even though you’re not sporting a baby bump yet, your body is already preparing for baby’s growth, with your uterus expanding. There may be some cramping involved, but beware of bleeding. If you have any concerns, call your doctor. (Though, to be fair, you likely haven’t had your first appointment yet. Now would be a great time to get recommendations and referrals in place for your prenatal care.)

Baby’s Development

In your seventh week of pregnancy, baby is the size of a blueberry! Baby doubled in size from last week, and baby’s brain has grown by a third.

As you can see in the image here, baby has a bit of a tail that will soon disappear, just like baby’s arms will soon transform from the initial paddle-like limbs into distinct arms, hands and fingers. Cartilage and nerves are forming in those arms, which is a process the legs will undergo later.

The umbilical cord is working hard now with blood vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients to and from baby’s little body.