Adoption Support

Adoption Support

Adoption is a powerful choice and you have complete control.

Adoption allows your body to complete the natural process of pregnancy.

Let’s discuss Open Adoption

An open adoption is one in which you would have the most information about your child. This is an open relationship during the pregnancy and following the birth. You will be able to determine how much information or communication you may want with your child following adoption.

The adoptive parents may send you pictures, letters, or even have special visits. This type of communication and determination happens during the adoption process. Understanding this is important, as open adoption is different than co-parenting.

Deciding on the type of adoption you prefer is more about the level of information you would receive and kind of visits you might be able to expect once the adoption process is complete. In an open adoption the child will have the missing pieces of information provided for them and you will have the ability to stay in touch as your child grows and reaches their full potential.

What is a Semi-Open Adoption?

A semi-open adoption is a blend of an open and closed adoption. Sometimes referred to as “mediation adoption,” mediation is the middle point between its open and closed counterparts. Semi-open is the most common type of adoption plan made between birth parents and adoptive families.

The third-party agency or attorney handles the exchange of information post-adoption. This sets boundaries for on-going involvement when the birth mother chooses to create space. At times, the birth parent may want less information or involvement with the adopted child for a variety of reasons. A semi-open adoption creates the environment for healthy boundaries and is a completely normal request when going through the adoption process and post placement.

A semi-open adoption can become an open adoption should both parties be open to the arrangement. Leaning on the advice from trusted family and friends can be helpful when deciding on an adoption plan. When establishing your adoption plan, discuss all of these possibilities with your adoption attorney, social worker, or adoption professional.

What is a Closed Adoption?

If you would like to remain anonymous and have extreme confidentiality, then a closed adoption may be the perfect solution for you. In a closed adoption the exchange of information between birth mother and the prospective adoptive family are private. The social worker, adoption agency, or adoption attorney manages all communication between parties and all information is confidential.

For limited reasons if at all there is no further communication between the birth mother and the adopted child or adoptive family once the adoption placement is complete. Some of the reasons for choosing a closed adoption are the ability to bring closure to this pregnancy, provide safety for the child if there is a toxic biological partner, and increase the privacy for the birth mother. This will limit the risks of future impact or involvement

Ultimately, you’re in control

Adoption is an amazing and brave alternative to an abortion or parenting when you aren’t ready. It can be a beautiful journey for both birth and adoptive families.

The most empowering part is that you are in control. You get to decide which adoption professionals to work with and even the prospective adoptive parents: 

  • You will be able to focus on your needs and determine the type of adoption and family you are most comfortable with 
  • You can choose an advocate to support you, and many support groups are available 
  • It can provide you peace of mind for optimal mental health

When you are considering an adoption, you review which adoption plan is right for you! Some choose to have an open adoption where they can stay connected in an organized way. Others choose to have a closed adoption where all information on both sides is completely confidential. Others may choose a mixture of both called a semi-open adoption.

The adoption process allows you to pursue your life goals and dreams while allowing the 9-month pregnancy process to complete. Adoption is an opportunity to move forward with your life while also seeing your child live out their potential in the family you chose for them.

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