Abortion Education


Abortions are medical procedures, which means the decision to have an abortion should be thoroughly discussed with a medical professional. You need to have confirmation of the pregnancy. You should know what your body will go through, what all of your pregnancy options are, and what the possible risks and side effects may be.

As you make your decision, we encourage you to review the following:

  • How many weeks are you into your pregnancy?  
    Your abortion options will be based on how many weeks you are.  A first-trimester ultrasound is a very accurate way of learning the gestational age of the embryo/fetus as they develop at the same rate early on in the pregnancy. Getting these precise measurements will let you know if you’re in the window to take the abortion pill (RU-486), or if a surgical abortion would be required.
  • Is the pregnancy even viable?  
    It’s estimated that up to 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. It is possible you may not even need to have an abortion procedure if you are already in the process of miscarrying. A first-trimester ultrasound would determine if you have already miscarried or may be miscarrying. The ultrasound technician will also be taking into account your last menstrual period, the size the fetus is measuring and whether or not there is a heartbeat.
  • Where is the pregnancy located?
    Is it in the uterus (as it should be), or is it in the fallopian tubes (also known as an ectopic pregnancy)? Ectopic pregnancies can be fatal. If the pregnancy continues without the ectopic pregnancy being diagnosed, the fallopian tube may rupture and cause severe internal bleeding. This is another reason a first-trimester ultrasound looks specifically for the placement of the fetus to ensure it’s in the uterus and not implanted in a life-threatening place.

While we do not offer abortions or refer for abortions, our trained medical staff can provide you with the information you need to make the choice that is right for you. Ultrasounds at First Choice Health Services are completely free and intended to provide you with the information you need as you make these significant medical decisions regarding your body.